Kafkas Cyprus Best Workplace

KAFKAS CYPRUS in 5th place among the companies with the best working environment for 2022.

For the 1st year, KAFKAS CYPRUS was awarded as one of the companies with the Best Working Environment in Cyprus, in the context of the research conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute Cyprus, winning the 5th place.

KAFKAS CYPRUS is distinguished for the 1st time in the category of companies up to 100 people, with the best working environment according to the results of this year's survey, proving for another year that "OUR People, OUR Mission!".

KAFKAS honors and actively supports its employees and they reciprocate it with dedication and enthusiasm to the work they perform daily. This distinction, through the difficult conditions we experience, due to Covid-19, proves the company's commitment to a working environment dominated by our values: ETHICS, PASSION, TEAMWORK & EFFICIENCY.

This very important distinction of KAFKAS CYPRUS arose from the evaluation received the company from the employees, in the 5 main categories of Great Place to work (reliability, respect, justice, pride, companionship) and from the evaluation of the practices applied by the company to its people. It is worth noting that KAFKAS GREECE also occupied the same position in the domestic research, a fact that confirms the consistency and commitment of the company’s values.

KAFKAS CYPRUS from 2018 expanded in the Cypriot market with 2 stores (Nicosia & Limassol), aiming to meet the needs of the local community, to enrich the market with new solutions, and to upgrade the industry.

"OUR People, OUR Mission!" and we are committed to continue to invest in our people.